About ABWI

The Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) was established over 10 years ago as a stand-alone organisation and is now a dedicated division of the Australian Beverages Council. Today, ABWI is the bottled water industry’s preeminent voice, as well as the peak industry association and certification body for bottled water standards covering both bottlers and suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

ABWI’s primary goals are to:

  • Ensure the highest standards of members bottling water over and above current regulations
  • Promote the benefits of bottled water to consumers that include safety, consistency and convenience.
  • Expand the awareness and the use of bottled water while ensuring consumers enjoy safe, high quality, and good tasting products.

ABWI’s membership body is made up of large and small producers of packaged water, as well as suppliers to the industry. Working together these companies represent over 90% of the industry’s volume, as the dedicated water division of the Australian Beverages Council, ABWI is an organized industry’s voice. Members produce a broad range of bottled water types for the entire drinking water industry including mineralised water, rain water, glacier water, spring water, purified water, packaged water, and table water. As such a voice, ABWI is has become the authoritative source of information for all types of bottled water products, production techniques, quality matters, industry trends, and consumer issues.

ABWI also represents members’ interests to government regulators and the media, communicates with other international bottled water industry groups, and stays abreast of overseas trends and developments. While encouraging self-regulation and fostering technical expertise within the industry, ABWI is always available to assist members in fulfilling their compliance with the stringent requirements of the Model Code, and if possible exceeding, government requirements to ensure they may maintain the highest standards of quality.


ABWI Executive Committee


Mr Tim Carey
Black Mount Spring Water

Committee Members

Mr Matthew Shelley
Bertshell Pty Ltd

Mr Nicholas Digges
Blue Mountains Natural Spring Water

Mr Bruce Taylor
National Technical Manager
Nu-Pure Beverages

Mr Mark Holmes
Managing Director
Nu-Pure Beverages

Mr James Benson
National Quality Manager
Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd

Mr Dave Raj
Group QA & Technical Manager
100% Bottling Company

Mr Warwick Pleass
Managing Director
Pleass Pty Ltd

Mr Geoff Parker
Chief Executive
Australian Beverages Council