Membership Benefits

ABWI provides a range of valuable services to member bottlers and suppliers – small, medium, or large – with guidelines that save time and money. These can make companies more productive and better able to compete in the marketplace. ABWI is committed to serving its members by addressing many of the challenges that face the bottled water industry, including government relations, technical, scientific, education, public relations, and communications issues. This is achieved through the work done by ABWI with Food Standards Australia New Zealand, media monitoring and liaising, as well as keeping up with the latest scientific developments on health and nutrition. Perhaps the most valuable benefit to members is the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from others with a wealth of experience in the industry. ABWI provides a forum to build strong business and personal ties around a common business interest. In addition members also receive a large amount of informational and technical benefits.

Certification Program for Bottlers and Source Suppliers
The intent of the ABWI Model Code and the accompanying Plant Inspection Program is to assist bottler and source owner members in their endeavours to produce a quality product by providing information and direction with technical procedures and quality systems and standards.

The Plant Inspection Program is supported by the use of a registered logo. The ABWI ‘Certified Bottler’ logo my be used by bottler members once compliance with the Plant Inspection Program is confirmed.

Education Programs
Free annual Certified Plant Operator (CPO) training and exams which offer opportunities to increase skills of owners, managers, and employees in key areas. An on-line examination is also provided for maintenance of the qualification.

Government Regulations
ABWI Monitors and advises on relevant changes to legislation at all levels of government. ABWI also actively participates with regulators in developing new regulations relevant to the industry, this may involve submissions on proposed regulatory changes.

Communication Programs
ABWI provides assistance with media responses to promote the bottled water story in their regions.

Technical Information
Through ABWI’s Technical Committee, members can receive help with more involved technical & production issues. ABWI provides an e-mail technical assistance service for bottlers. The service provides for 48 hour turn-around answer.

Production statistics for still packaged waters are collected quarterly, by packaging type, and made available to participating bottler members and all supplier members.

Ausdrinks Professional Development Series
In addition to the Certified Plant Operator training, industry professionals have access to a range of seminars, roundtable discussions, and beverage industry courses through the ausdrinks professional series. In addition, ausdrink also provides opportunities for networking and product exhibition through their biennial conference to take place in 2014.

ABWI provides members with:
• Regular email newsletters on the latest government regulatory and industry news.
• ABWI Plant Technical Manual, incorporating the “Certified Plant Operator (CPO) Manual”
• ABWI Model Code
• YearBook
• Members are also able to Subscribe to the International Bottled Water Association’s “Bottled Water Reporter” magazine at discount rates.