Membership Categories

ABWI membership is open to all bottlers, distributors, and suppliers to the bottled water industry in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific region. Bottler membership includes several categories to allow new entrants to participate and progress to full membership.

Bottler Membership
To qualify for Bottler Membership, bottlers must comply in full with ABWI’s Model Code of Practice and have passed their plant audit. If joining as a Bottler Member, you must achieve certification by passing the plant audit within three (3) months of being accepted as Bottler Member by the ABWI Board. Bottler Members must maintain these standards from year to year and meet all other contract requirements to maintain Bottler Membership.

Candidate Bottler Membership

Candidate Bottlers are defined as those bottlers who require time and assistance to attain the standards and criteria necessary for full membership. The Candidate Bottler program, allows a bottler to work through a two year program which includes, at their expense, a consultative plant inspection by an approved third party agency, and follow up assistance. Candidate Bottlers have all the rights and obligations of membership, but cannot use the ABWI name and logo on their labels, website, or stationary until they are certified.

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate category has been created for companies exploring the possibility of entering the bottled water industry. It is intended to assist potential bottlers to gather information and progress to full membership. Affiliates receive normal membership services, but they cannot use the ABWI logo and name, nor do they have the right to vote or be elected to the Board of Directors.

Supplier Membership

Supplier membership is for companies engaged in the sale or rental of equipment, products, supplies or services, to the bottled water industry.

Distributor Membership

Distributor membership is for companies that do not bottle water, but act as a distributor for an ABWI or an overseas member of an ICBWA member association.