ABWI Model Code

The bottled water produced by ABWI members must meet standards that are, in some cases, stricter than the FSANZ regulatory standards. ABWI has developed a quality assurance program called the Model Code, which is set for the safe processing of bottled water. All members of ABWI must meet the standards contained in the Model Code in order to secure membership.

The ABWI Model Code is the Australasian successor to the International Bottled Water Association’s Model Code. The Model Code Sub-Committee started with the IBWA Code and made amendments based on assessment of local needs and FSANZ regulations. Where no suggestions for changes were made, and where the Committee did not identify the need for changes, the provisions of the IBWA Model Code were adopted. From the beginning, the Committee saw the ABWI Model Code as a living document and instituted a mechanism for receiving suggestions and for review by the ABWI Technical Committee, now part of the Australian Beverages’ Council’s Health and Regulatory Committee.

One of the primary objectives of the Model Code is to create a framework for the safe bottling of water, and guarantee a quality product. Another is to provide bottlers with a “how-to” framework that will assist them in raising the quality of their production methods. It is therefore important that bottlers realize that the Code is not simply a “food safety program”. The ABWI program requires a commitment that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of a food safety program, hence the value in differentiating the ABWI Certified Bottler from the run-of-the-mill operator.


From 01 September 2014, all ABWI Certified Plants should comply with the below code.

ABWI Model Code 14 March 2014 Final

Please contact ABWI for further information on this code revision, or the transition period from 01 September 2013 – 30 August 2014.


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