The Australian Beverages Council is headed by a Board of Directors, each of whose respective companies are involved in the franchise, manufacture, distribution or import of non-alcoholic, water, and juice-based beverages.  Directors are elected from the membership body by members. The structure of the Board reflects the membership of our association. As well, the “Memorandum and Articles of Association” provides for representation for all sectors of the industry. The Board provides stewardship of the organisation and the industry through sound governance, structure, and a commitment to informed strategic planning and oversight. To effectively and fairly represent the united interests of a diverse industry, each Director has one vote.

In addition to the Board, the Australian Beverages Council has two committees who report to the Board, being the Public Affairs Committee, Technical and Regulatory Committee. Each committee deals with a range of issues that have a direct impact on the beverages industry.

The administration tasks and responsibilities of the Australian Beverage Council are conducted by a small team of professional staff that are based out of the national office in Sydney.

 Our Board and Committee Members