9 May 2014

Media Statement

Australian Beverages Council responds to Australian Health Survey findings


The Australian Beverages Council has today welcomed the Australian Health Survey findings, released by the Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Of the food groups contributing most of the energy from ‘discretionary’ foods in the diet of male teenagers (aged 14-18), soft drinks made up only 1.9%, behind alcohol (4.8%), cakes (3.4%), and confectionary and pastries.

“It’s important to note that the survey found soft drinks and flavoured mineral waters contributed less than two per cent of energy from discretionary foods in the 14-18 year old age bracket,” the Council’s CEO Geoff Parker said.

“We are consistently working to provide products that allow consumers to make the right choices that are right for them and their families. Over the last decade, the industry has taken significant measures to provide consumers with more options and more information to allow more informed dietary choices.  This includes offering a growing range of low and no kilojoule products and transparent nutritional information on the front of all labels,” Mr Parker said.

The findings around non-alcoholic consumption trends from the Australian Health Survey are also consistent with the beverage trends analysis of the last 15 years1, released earlier this year.

The beverage trends analysis showed nearly one in two drinks consumed are now non-sugar varieties (42% volume share in 2011), compared to 30% in 1997.



  1. 1.       Levy G.S., Shrapnel W.S. (2014) Quenching Australia’s thirst: a trend analysis of water-based beverage sales from 1997 to 2011. Nutrition & Dietetics. doi: 10.1111/1747-0080.12108


For an interview with Geoff Parker, contact: Megan Magill 0438 777 303

The Australian Beverages Council is the peak body for the non-alcoholic beverages industry and represents 95% of the industry’s production volume through membership.