24 September 2013

Media Statement

Australian Beverages Council responds to US study on Glucose Utilization Rates Regulate Intake Levels of Artificial Sweeteners

“This study is an inaccurate assessment of human behaviour.  It’s important to remember that the authors studied 138 mice, not humans. Conclusions can’t be drawn when humans are not involved in the study, ” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

“Low-kilojoule sweeteners are some of the most studied and reviewed ingredients in the food supply today. They are safe and an effective tool in weight loss and weight management, according to decades of scientific research and regulatory agencies around the globe.

“Recent research on humans published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition earlier this year indicates that drinking diet beverages does not cause people to overeat or to increase their intake of sweet foods and beverages.

“Consuming low and no kj beverages in moderation as part of a balanced diet supported by regular physical activity can help with weight control,” Mr Parker concluded.

Media contact:

Natalie Blake

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Geoff Parker – CEO, Australian Beverages Council

Mobile: +61 (0)407 646 195

Email: Geoff.parker@australianbeverages.org

The Australian Beverages Council is the peak body for the non-alcoholic beverages industry and represents 95% of the industry’s production volume through membership.


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