Media Statement

12 March 2013

Australian beverages industry responds to NYC ban decision

The Australian Beverages Council, representing 95% of the non-alcoholic beverages industry in the country, has called the recent overturn of the proposed ban on large serve sizes in New York City as a decision in common sense.

“As an industry we’ve breathed a sigh of relief that common sense has prevailed for the time being in the decision by Judge Tingling in NYC. In ruling the ban was ‘arbitrary and capricious’ it reaffirms what the industry had supported all along once the proposed ban was announced” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

“The industry both here and in the US recognises it needs to be a part of any solutions’ framework in tackling the very complex and multi-factorial issue of overweight and obesity. In Australia, like in many other parts of the world, the industry has introduced a range of initiatives to provide more choice for consumers. These include a wide range of low and no sugar varieties, smaller pack sizes and clear front of pack kilojoule labelling. This is in addition to restricting availability of regular soft drinks in primary schools and not marketing these to children under 12 years of age.

“The industry is committed to providing a variety of products for every lifestyle and occasion. All beverages can be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet supported by a physically active lifestyle” Mr Parker concluded.

Media contact:

Geoff Parker – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council
+61 (0)407 646 195