Beverage industry responds to calls for a sugar tax
Sugar taxes are ineffective and will hit the back-pocket of Australian families.  Australians don’t want to see another tax, especially yet another one on a supermarket product, said Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker.

“There is no proof that a sugar tax has any impact. To the contrary, other countries have applied similar taxes without success. Countries such as Denmark have already repealed them because they simply don’t work.
“Australia is already one of the most highly taxed countries in the world. Applying yet another tax, and a misguided one at that, will hit the pockets of ordinary Australians – especially the ones that can least afford it,” Mr Parker said.

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Geoff Parker – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council
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The Australian Beverages Council is the peak body for the non-alcoholic beverages industry and represents 95% of the industry’s production volume through membership.


MR – beverage industry responds to calls for sugar tax