Dietary Guidelines

The Australian Beverages Council believes it is important that the Dietary Guidelines imposed on our members reflect the latest in scientific research and credible backing. Our members produce a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, composed of a range of ingredients, and fit for a range of situations. All of these beverages are marketed as a healthy and pleasant when part of a balanced diet and prudent lifestyle. Every product that the Australian Beverages Council represents meets the individual dietary choices of all consumers and makes a positive contribution to their lifestyle. We encourage our members to provide adequate information in order to assist these consumers in making informed choices that will both continue to benefit their lifestyle, and cut down on public misrepresentation. In doing this, we believe that the sale of non-alcoholic beverages should not be limited by either the type of outlet or the anticipated consumers of soft drinks.

We also believe in moderation and a proper level of consumption for all products, not just those related to our industry. There is much more to wellbeing than simply what you drink. Namely, that physical activity and proper education represent the starting line for living a healthy lifestyle. The Australian Beverages Council and the non-alcoholic beverages industry are committed to increasing their involvement in educational programs that provide consumers with information on healthy eating and activity.

In addition, we have already adopted policies to limit marketing of sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drinks to primary schools and to not directly market these same products to primary school children in the media.