13 August 2012
Drink Container Desposits: Just Another Tax to Hit Small & Medium Australian Manufacturers

In his welcome speech at ausdrinks 2012, the premier conference for the non- alcoholic beverages industry, Geoff Parker, CEO of the Australian Beverages Council, urges all Environment Ministers including Victorian Minister Ryan to embrace some common sense and outright reject a container deposit scheme for both Victoria and nationally.

“There is a better alternative to the container deposit scheme on the table, which does not penalize consumers and damage small and medium Australian manufactures” Mr. Parker said.

“According to COAG’s own analysis, a deposit scheme would cost around $1.76 billion or 28 times the industry’s co-regulatory proposal. Further, industry’s proposal was found to deliver equal or better litter reduction and recycling outcomes to deposit schemes.

“The green activists pushing drink deposits always like to talk about multinational drink companies, but the reality is that a deposit scheme would hurt the whole sector, including many small and family run businesses. It’s going to cost jobs.

“It’s well known that Australian manufacturers are doing it tough. The last thing they need is a feel good idea that is effectively just another tax that further depresses demand.”

“The costs of setting up and running a deposit scheme are huge, and these will be passed on to consumers on top of the 10c deposit fee. The net impact could be price rises of up to 20c per container, which would slug families an additional $400 annually for the average shopping basket. If the Victorian Government is pro another green tax on all of the State’s households, they need to come clean themselves” Mr Parker concluded.


The Australian Beverages Council is the peak industry voice representing the interests of the manufacturers, distributors and importers of non-alcoholic beverages. The range of beverages, produced by members includes carbonated diet and regular soft drinks, sports and isotonic drinks, bottled and packaged waters, fruit juice drinks, cordials and iced teas.

Verena Griffiths
Communications Manager
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