20 December 2013
Media Release
Juice industry responds to Senate Committee’s Report into Citrus Industry

Fruit Juice Australia (FJA), representing over 90% of the nation’s juice production volume, has today responded to the recently released report from the Senate’s inquiry into the Citrus Industry.
“The Australian juice industry acknowledges the number of factors currently impacting on the citrus industry and the effect this is having on farmers. The industry supports
the official recommendations made in the report by the Senate’s Rural and Regional Affairs and recommendations made in the report by the Senate’s Rural and Regional Affairs and
Transport References Committee” said the CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.
“The local juice industry is a key supporter of the citrus industry in Australia, and is in fact the biggest purchaser of oranges in the country. The juice industry estimates it buys nearly two billion oranges alone from farmers each year, which is more than any supermarket.

“Australian juice manufacturers rely on a strong citrus industry to provide consistently high quality product at the right price to ensure demand for juice can be met. In Australia that demand for juice is so great that not only does the industry buy nearly two billion oranges a year, but it also needs to rely on imports when local supply of fruit runs out. That mix of local product topped up with imported product means Australians can buy great tasting juice to suit their budget all throughout the year. The industry would oppose any action that jeopardises its legitimate reliance on overseas product when domestic supply runs out. This would impact not only manufacturers but consumers and farmers as well.

“The juice industry will continue to engage with farmers and other stakeholders to ensure the demands on all parts of the supply chain are well understood” Mr Parker concluded.

FJA MR – industry responds to Senate Inquiry Report into Citrus Industry

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