The Australian Beverages Council and its members within the Australian beverages industry are committed to providing consumers with accurate information about the role of commercial beverages to Australians’ diets. Below you will find information about various industry topics that affect consumers and the beverage industry, as well as useful Consumer Fact Sheets to provide additional resources relating to beverages and their ingredients.

energy balance

Energy Balance

The role of beverages in a healthy balanced diet
 marketing to children

Marketing to Children

Industry commitments to responsible marketing
 dental health

Dental Health

The relationship between beverages and dental health
 keeping hydrated

Keeping Hydrated

Information about the importance of proper hydration
 nutrition label

Reading Labels

How to understand %DI and new labelling commitments
 fighting obesity

Fighting Obesity

The industry’s role in combating obesity
 consumer fact sheet

Consumer Fact Sheets

A library of helpful fact sheets