Marketing to Children

Marketing to Children

The rapid increase in public discussion on obesity and changes in consumer expectations have meant that health-related issues are becoming of even more importance to the Australian Beverages Council. As a result, our member companies are committed to responsible marketing practices which do not encourage over consumption of energy and are not aimed at children.

Members of the Australian Beverages Council have, for a long time, voluntarily adopted a policy not to market sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages to primary schools, or advertise these beverages in “C” time on television, (as well as television programs where a majority of viewers are primary school age children). In addition, members are also committed to not engaging in any direct commercial activities in primary schools and to withdrawing sugar-sweetened beverages from secondary schools where required. At the same time, the industry is proud to make available a wide range of bottled waters and juice-based beverages which are appropriate refreshment beverages for children & adolescents.

Our members are also actively involved in responsible marketing, promotion, and consumption of their energy drink products. As energy drinks are developed for mature consumers, all members commit to ensuring that energy drinks are not made available in primary or secondary schools, that the marketing of energy drinks is also not directed at children, and that no promotional activities are undertaken that encourage the excessive consumption of energy drinks.

The Australian Beverages Council’s largest members, representing between them 99% of the carbonated beverage market, 50% of the juice market and 95% of the bottled water market, have all adopted these policies and continue to take their commitment very seriously. In all cases, members of the Australian Beverages Council abide by the requirements of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) and the Food Standards Code. In addition, the Australian Beverages Council has adopted, as policy, the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ (AANA’s) voluntary guidelines for advertising directed at children, and is a signatory to the Code of Practice on Nutrient Claims and to all other voluntary advertising industry codes of practice.

The Australian Beverages Council is, at all times, conscious of its responsibility to comply with competition law. We are advised that the commitments and undertakings detailed above are the extent to which we can ask its members to jointly commit themselves as an industry association.

For more information please see our Industry Commitments for Marketing to Children.