Fighting Obesity

Fighting Obesity

The reported increasing incidence of both child and adult obesity is a concern for all Australians. The Australian beverages industry is keen to ensure that there is a non-alcoholic refreshment beverage to suit every dietary need and every social occasion. At the same time, we support efforts by policy makers and the food industry to arrest and reverse the current obesity trend.

To better understand the the views of the Australians around soft drinks and suggested measures to reduce obesity, the Australian Beverages Council commissioned research. To view the results please click here.

Presently, the beverage industry is making a strong effort to ensure that we are part of the solution. The Australian Beverages Council’s Commitment Addressing Obesity and Other Health and Wellness Issues highlights some of ABCL’s member commitments helping to promote healthy lifestyles for Australians.In addition, this page is a synthesized resource for information on obesity and its relation to the beverages industry.

With our support, the beverages industry is committed to a number of aims designed at the progression of a more informed consumer base, including strong support of more educational programs directed at health, proper diet, and the importance of exercise.

In addition, members have a firm commitment to the following:

  • Providing accurate nutrition information on pack as well as additional information like % Daily Intake so consumers are informed about their choices.
  • Increasing the number of new beverages with low calorie or no-calorie content and to introduce light versions of existing beverages where possible.
  • Ensuring that our marketing and advertising activities are responsible and credible and do not actively target children under 12 years of age, especially for sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • Contributing to research into the effectiveness of educational programs promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Some of these industry policies predate recent State Governments’ announcements on restricting the sale of sugar-containing beverages in School Canteens.