About Fruit Juice Australia

Fruit Juice Australia (FJA) is a dedicated division of the Australian Beverages Council representing the processing, converting, and packaging companies that produce fruit juice, fruit drinks and fruit cordials. FJA has a strong commitment to promoting truth in labelling, fair trade, and consumer awareness.

In achieving this commitment, FJA has forged strong links with government regulatory departments and Australian fruit grower organisations in addition to other key stakeholders. As a member of the global representative organisation ‘International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers’, Australia has made considerable impact towards the adoption of worldwide fruit juice standards. These standards come through the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius Commission. FJA also has close ties with of the International Fruit Union and plays an active role in their committees, particularly the Technical/Codex Committee, and has worked actively with the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Association.

More recently the FJA has proactively addressed relevant nutrition and health information relating to juice including the development of various position papers, fact sheets and peer reviewed scientific papers. Further work is constantly being planned to address nutrition and health communications, along with a program to address misinformation on the place of fruit juice in the diet.

The recent merger with the Australian Beverages Council, and the establishment of FJA as a Division of the Council, will strengthen and broaden our membership body. This will aid in assisting the ongoing aim of maintaining a vibrant fruit juice industry— an industry in which both the consumer and public authorities can continue to have confidence in.

Members of the FJA all adhere to the standards of not only the Food Standards Code, but also the industry’s Fruit Juice Code of Practice. Through compliance with the various codes, consumers and regulators alike can have a high degree of confidence and surety that FJA members have great tasting, quality products as two of their primary objectives.

Recently FJA has put together a three year marketing campaign focusing on juice as a category and its growth within the marketplace. The main aim of this significant undertaking is to promote the benefits of juice to a wide range of stakeholders. The first part of this program is a public relations campaign that seeks to start to inform consumers who partake in the numerous discussions that juice finds itself in almost on a daily basis. Through a PR firm, FJA has engaged a media nutritionist, established an informative facebook page, and is rolling out three targeted consumer-based campaigns over the next twelve months.

FJA Executive Committee


Ms Charmaine England
Managing Director
The Daily Drinks Co

Committee Members

Mr Ben Cummings (Observer)
Marketing Manager – Juice & Functional Beverages
Coca Cola South Pacific

Mr Darren Forde
Marketing Director
Kraft Heinz

Mr Andrew Ross
Grove Fruit Juice Pty Ltd

Mr Greg Willis (Observer)
Managing Director
Grove Fruit Juice Pty Ltd

Mr Jim Moshovelis
Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager
Coca-Cola South Pacific

Ms Jackie Baroni
Business Development Manager
The Product Makers (Aust) Pty Ltd

Mr Peter Gates
General Manager
Directus Australia Pty Ltd

Mr Ben Knispel
Finance Manager
Nippy’s Fruit Juices Pty Ltd

Mr Glenn Rogers
Beverages Activation Manager
Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd

Mr Jeff Knispel (Observer)
Managing Director
Nippy’s Fruit Juices Pty Ltd

Mr Richard Glenn
General Manager – Sales

Ms Janine Waller (Observer)
Group Nutrition Leader – Regulation, Governance & Strategy
Lion Co

Ms Judith Damiani (ex officio)
Chief Executive Officer
Citrus Australia

Mr Geoff Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Beverages Council Ltd