FJA Industry Partners

FJA operates on a platform of shared interests and collaboration. For that reason, in advocating for the fruit juice industry, The association holds valued partnerships with many facets of the beverage industry. FJA has forged recognised links with government regulatory departments and Australian fruit grower organisations in order to better advocate for and represent the needs of the fruit juice within Australia and worldwide.. As a member of the Global Representative Organisation ‘International Fruit Union’, Australia has made considerable impact towards the adoption of worldwide fruit juice standards. These standards come through the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius Commission. The FJA is also a member of the International Fruit Union and plays an active role in their committees, particularly the Technical/Codex Committee. In addition, growing from close industry and geographical bonds, FJA also works actively with the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Association.

 Industry links:

NSW Food Authority
The NSW Food Authority provides the regulation frameworkfor industry to produce safe and correctly labelled food.

Fruit Juice Facts has facts and information you need aboutthe healthfulness of 100% juices.

Australian Food & Grocery Council

Food Standards Australia & NZ

Australian Consumers Association

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Citrus Australia
Australian Citrus Growers

SafeFood Queensland

NSW Business Chamber

Food Safety Information Council

International Fruit Union

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

New Zealand Juice and Beverage Association

NSW School Canteen Association
School Canteen Buyers Guide

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestries