Media Release
11 March 2013

Industry hits back at calls for further regulations on energy drinks

The Australian Beverages Council, representing the Australian energy drink industry, has criticized the calls for further regulations on energy drinks following media reports linking the sale of them to tobacco-like tactics.

“The industry rejects these sensationalist comments and any inference that the sale of these non-alcoholic beverages containing the same amount of caffeine as a common cup of coffee is in any way similar to tobacco is ludicrous” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Parker.

“The industry also rejects outright the claim that the industry will do anything to ‘avert attention’ away from the products. The industry has engaged with the AMA, Governments and regulators around the country informing them of the voluntary marketing and promotion restrictions it has implemented over and above existing legislation. If caffeine is the concern of these commentators then they need to cast their net much wider to include further restrictions from all sources of caffeine in the diet – this includes coffee, tea, chocolate, coffee flavoured milk and cola drinks” Mr Parker said.

“A standard 250ml can of energy drink contains no more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Energy drinks are highly regulated in Australia and these standards not only regulate the ingredients of these products, but also ensure that all product packaging contain warning statements about the caffeine content and that they are not suitable for children and people sensitive to caffeine. In addition to that all labels must also contain a daily usage advisory statement which states no more than two cans (250mL) should be consumed a day. The industry would contend this provides consumers with sufficient information so as they are able to make an informed decision about their decision to safely consume an energy drink or not. Unfortunately you can’t regulate against a lack of common sense and in these instances we’re talking about less than 0.00001% of consumers” said Mr Geoff Parker.

For more information contact: Geoff Parker, CEO – 0407 646 195