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3 October 2014

Industry slams one-sided article on sugar content of juices

Fruit Juice Australia, a division of the Australian Beverages Council which represents 95% of the non-alcoholic beverages industry, has today slammed a recent article that appeared on listing the sugar content of juices in comparison to soft drinks.

“The article lacks balance in that it only compares the naturally occurring sugar content from a range of popular juices but fails to mention all of the significantly positive attributes 100% juices have” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

“The benefits of drinking 100% fruit juice, in moderation and as part of an overall healthy diet are clear and supported by the evidence base. The Australian Dietary Guidelines state that a small glass of juice (125mL) is equal to a fruit serve. The science also tells us that people who consume juice have a better diet quality than people who don’t consume juice which includes higher levels of Vitamin C, potassium, folate and magnesium, as well as fibre.

”For kids, the important role that juice plays in their diet is even more clear, especially when looking at meeting their recommended fruit serves each day. Without juice, only 1% of 14-16 year olds, 49% of 9-13 year olds and 61% of 4-8 year olds meet their recommended serve of fruit each day. When a small glass of juice is counted as a fruit serve, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines, these percentages increase substantially to 24%, 90% and 93% respectively of children that meet their recommended daily serves of fruit. These results speak for themselves” said Mr Parker.

“The scientific evidence and emerging research supports 100% fruit juice in a balanced and varied diet as part of a physically active lifestyle. To report only the naturally occurring sugar content from the originating piece of fruit without mentioning the positive nutritional benefits of juice is not serving anyone any good” Mr Parker concluded.

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Geoff Parker – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, Mobile +61 (0) 407 646 195


The Australian Beverages Council is the peak body for the non-alcoholic beverages industry and represents 95% of the industry’s production volume through membership.

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