12 June 2013

Industry supports common-sense consumption of energy drinks

The Australian Beverages Council, representing the Australian energy drink industry, has today promoted a common-sense approach to consumption of energy drinks following media coverage reporting an alleged excessive intake by amateur football players.

“The industry supports and promotes a common-sense approach to consuming energy drinks. Unlike coffee for example, all energy drink labels must per legislation state a recommended daily usage advisory statement. For the most popular package size – a 250mL can, this a maximum of two cans per day” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Parker.

“A standard 250ml can of energy drink contains no more caffeine than a cup of instant coffee (80mg). This is a significantly lower than other products containing caffeine including espresso coffee or coffee flavoured milk. Energy drinks in Australia are one of the most highly regulated of the world’s markets, and standards here far exceed those in all other countries, including the US. In addition to the usage advisory statement, all energy drinks in Australia have a set maximum caffeine limit and all product packaging must contain warning statements about the caffeine content and that they are not suitable for children and people sensitive to caffeine.

“The energy drink industry categorically condemns the irresponsible use of its products in excess and in contrary to the daily usage advisory statement on the back of all product labels. Players and coaches witnessing anything over this should take responsibility and mention something to the player concerned. No amount of regulation can regulate against a lack of common-sense and in these instances we’re talking about less than 0.0001% of consumers” said Mr Geoff Parker.

For more information contact: Geoff Parker, CEO – 0407 646 195

For a copy of the industry’s Energy Drinks – An Industry Commitment go to:



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