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13 October 2014

Industry refutes high blood pressure claims from study

Fruit Juice Australia, a division of the Australian Beverages Council which represents 95% of the non-alcoholic beverages industry, has today refuted the claims from a recent study suggesting consumption is linked to high blood pressure.

“The study is contrary to the large bank of evidence that supports consumers of 100% fruit juice have a better diet quality than people who don’t consume fruit juice. This includes higher amounts of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, folate and fibre in the diet of consumers over non-consumers” said the Council’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

“The study methodology comprises a very small sample size (160 people) and using a 12 month recall questionnaire to ascertain consumptions patterns. The study fails to take into account any of the many confounding factors that could lead to an increased in blood pressure, that the Heart Foundation states as including smoking, having high blood cholesterol, being overweight and having diabetes.

“Developed countries, relying on the latest nutritional science, include a glass of 100% juice as representing a fruit serve. This includes the Australian Dietary Guidelines. With only 1% of 14-16 year olds, 49% of 9-13 year olds and 61% of 4-8 year olds meeting their recommended serve of fruit each day without juice, these guidelines are important to consider. When a small glass of juice is counted as a fruit serve, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines, these percentages increase substantially to 24%, 90% and 93% respectively of children that meet their recommended daily serves of fruit. These results speak for themselves” said Mr Parker.

“The latest scientific evidence and ongoing research supports 100% fruit juice in a balanced and varied diet as part of a physically active lifestyle. The industry would suggest this very small study of ‘community dwellers’ filling out a 12 month dietary recall questionnaire is in contradiction to more numerous and more detailed studies supporting the positives of drinking 100% juice in moderation” Mr Parker concluded.

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Geoff Parker – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, Mobile +61 (0) 407 646 195


The Australian Beverages Council is the peak body for the non-alcoholic beverages industry and represents 95% of the industry’s production volume through membership.

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