Bottled Water

Throughout a dedicated water division, the Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI), the Australian Beverages Council and its members are committed to using resources responsibly, reducing carbon footprints, and protecting natural environments. We understand that water is a precious, renewable resource, but also that it is a vital part of everybody’s daily lives. When properly developed and managed, water resources provide communities around the country with a safe, reliable, supply of one of life’s necessities.

ABWI members believe in proactive stewardship of groundwater as a resource. This ensures that water supplies are sustainable well into the future, for everyone to enjoy. We understand that water and other environmentally based resources are interrelated. Good stewardship of one benefits the other. Management of wetlands, forestlands and other related ecological systems play important roles in promoting the comprehensive integrity of all natural resources including water. Our members who produce bottled water proactively support environmental protection and management initiatives. They seek to work cooperatively with government and non-government conservation organisations to promote effective policies that will both reflect the best management practices and maintain the accessibility of resources. In addition, bottlers contribute to the protection of the long-term health of watersheds where water is sourced. The industry actively cooperates with local water management authorities in the development and implementation of scientifically sound watershed usage policies.