Front of Pack Labelling

Australian food regulations require all packaged foods to include a table identifying the contained amount of the six macro ingredients present in that particular food and/or beverage. This mandatory requirement must provide information both for the recommended serving size of that particular food and/or beverage and per 100 mL to assist consumers. The Australian Beverages Council has also adopted the voluntary provision of additional information on the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP), located on the back of the packaging. This was achieved through the introduction of an additional column detailing the %DI for each of the six macro nutrients.

The Australian Beverages Council and its members have voluntarily committed themselves to the provision of additional information on labels to enable consumers to make appropriate choices when choosing a beverage. To increase the concept of front-of-pack communication with consumers and the general public, members voluntarily and progressively introduced additional information on labels to assist in informed decisions. Our major members have also committed themselves to introduce, over a period of two years, a front-of-pack label on beverages with details of the %DI of total energy (kilojoules) per serve that the beverage contains.

Members also uphold a commitment to ensure that pack size is representative to serving size, and that serving sizes for all packaging is deemed appropriate to be a single serve for the purpose of public consumption. As labels, design, and preferred methods of communicating information such as %DI (percent of daily intake), kilojoules, and ingredient levels continue evolve and be revaluated by different bodies of legislation, the Australian Beverages Council will remain up-to-date with all regulatory changes, and will remain the voice of the industry when addressing these future policies.