Health Claims

Health claims are statements referring to a relationship between food and health rather than a statement of content. All health claims are required to be supported by scientific evidence, and each proposed relationship between an ingredient and a claim must meet the same level of certainty, whether they are pre-approved by the Food Standards of Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), or they are self-substantiated by food businesses.

Products bearing a health claim must pass specific nutrient profile scoring criteria (NPSC) in addition to meeting the conditions for that nutrient in the product. For instance, the health claim “magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism” is a pre-approved health claim but is only relevant for use in products containing at least 25% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium for the target population.

The products supported by the Australian Beverages Council and produced by its members, all abide by this current regulation regarding health claims. We support the legislation surrounding nutrient, health, or related claims, as policies are put in place to regulate voluntary nutrition content claims. The health claims standards strive to assist consumers in selecting foods to suit their individual health requirements and needs.