The Australian Beverages Council and its members recognize public concerns about today’s health issues, most notably the rising levels of obesity relating to poor diet and lack of physical activity. The non-alcohol beverages industry also recognises its responsibility to play a positive role in tackling these problems alongside other relevant parties. As the representative voice to providers of a wide range of beverages, we are well placed to assist governments and the community in the development of practical policies and programs to aid in the management of this ongoing and complex health issue.

This set of commitments was adopted in 2006 when the Australian Beverages Council and its members provided the necessary proactive leadership to the rest of the food and beverage industry in exemplifying socially responsible and progressive policies. Our members will continue their active involvement directly or in partnership with National and State educational authorities (and other appropriate partners), to provide educational programs that offer consumers relevant information on healthy eating and active lifestyle choices. Advertising of soft drinks will be and will remain truthful, accurate, and well substantiated. In addition, copy, and visual presentation of products will always reflect moderation in consumption and portion sizes appropriate to a proper nutritional diet and to the social setting portrayed.

For more information please see the Commitment Addressing Obesity and Other Health and Wellness Issues which highlights some of the Australian Beverages Council’s member commitments in helping to promote healthy lifestyles for Australians.