Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Members of the Australian Beverages Council who produce carbonated soft drinks and other sugar sweetened drinks aim to provide refreshment and offer variety of choices to suit consumers. Carbonated beverages quench thirst, provide energy if they are sweetened with sugar, and can even help satisfy a level of social enjoyment across a range of occasions and settings.

As an industry, we promote the fact that all foods and beverages can be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle. It is the industry’s contention that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ food or beverage, rather bad diets, bad habits, or unhealthy lifestyles. Reputable nutritionists promote that the best way to ensure a good diet, is to eat a variety of foods in moderation. As long as a consumer chooses a varied diet with needed nutrients, there is no harm in enjoying different types of beverages.

To help consumers determine what is an appropriate amount of sugar sweetened soft drink is for their particular diet, the industry is committed to providing accurate nutrition information on packaging, as well as additional information like front-of-pack labelling with % Daily Intake so consumers remain informed about their choices. The Australian Beverages Council is also committed to its present involvement in educational programs which provide consumers with information on maintaining healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. In addition, manufacturers produce a variety of both sugar sweetened and low kilojoule soft drinks, enabling consumers to select refreshment tailored to their individual tastes and needs.

For more information about sugar sweetened beverages and other products, please see our For Consumers section.