Iced Teas & Ready to Drink Coffees

A small number of soft drink brands on the Australian market produce bottled ice teas. As with all beverages, any iced tea produced by members of the Australian Beverages Council must comply with the strict regulations set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Because the tea plant naturally contains caffeine, the caffeine levels in iced teas are consistent. However, with brewed teas, the amount of caffeine varies depending on the type of tea, growing conditions, and how it is prepared. As with brewed teas, iced teas are a good source of hydration, and may contain antioxidants. However, the antioxidant strengths of these beverages vary considerably depending on how they are manufactured.

Ready to drink coffees, an emerging range of products, offer the flavour and experience of an ice coffee, while at the same time providing a convenient alternative to a regular cup. Packed in cans or bottles, they can range from traditional iced coffees to coffee flavoured beverages. These products are produced in a similar manner to traditional soft drinks; however they are flavoured by the addition of coffee. Ready to drink coffees currently make up a small portion of Australian beverages on the market, however it is a field that is continuing to grow in popularity.