Media Release
18 December 2012

Response From Australain Beverages Council Regarding New South Wales Government’s Announcement of Study into Energy Drinks and AlcoholThe Australian Beverages Council confirms that it is aware the NSW Government has commissioned a study into the effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks.

“As the industry representative for energy drink manufacturers and distributors in Australia, we work closely with Australian regulators and authorities and support evidence-based research” said Geoff Parker, CEO of the Australian Beverages Council.

“A November 2012 survey conducted by the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, of over 6,000 university students found that mixing alcohol with energy drinks does not increase overall alcohol consumption or alcohol-related negative consequences, when compared to consuming alcohol alone.

“As far as consumption on licensed premises is concerned, energy drinks comprise less than 1% of all beverages sold across Australian bars, and only some of these will be mixed with alcohol. Energy drinks are non-alcoholic carbonated beverages that contain the same amount of caffeine as one standard cup of instant coffee” Mr Parker said.

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The Australian Beverages Council represents the entire Australian energy drink industry.
Geoff Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, M: 0407 646 195