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10 February 2015

Response to research from Yale School of Public Health linking energy drinks consumption with an increased risk of hyperactivity and inattention symptoms.

The Australian Beverages Council, representing the local energy drinks industry, has responded to research published in the journal Academic Pediatrics from the Yale School of Public Health which links the consumption of energy drinks to a more likely risk of hyperactivity and inattention symptoms in middle-school children.

“Energy drinks are not suitable for children and by law energy drinks must be clearly labelled that they are not suitable to be consumed by children. This labelling law, in addition to a cap on the caffeine content, equivalent to an instant cup of coffee for a 250mL can (80mg), as well as mandatory warning and daily usage statements on all packs, makes our energy drink regulations the toughest in the world. This compares to no regulations for any other product containing caffeine, like coffee, chocolate, flavoured milk or tea”, said the Council’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

In addition to abiding by strict food laws, the industry commits to the following guidelines:

  • Energy drinks are not made available in primary nor secondary schools
  • Marketing and advertising activities of energy drinks are not directed at children
  • No promotional activities are undertaken to encourage excessive consumption of energy drinks
  • Labels of energy drinks do not promote the mixing of energy drinks with any other beverage

It is important that parents consider whether energy drinks are right for older teenagers. To assist with this decision, the industry recently launched to ensure the facts about energy drinks were easily accessible and in one place. The industry suggests that an appropriate age for energy drinks would be the same as for coffee. The best place to discuss this is around the kitchen table. This, along with our tough laws, the industry’s commitments, common sense and parental oversight, will ensure responsible consumption” said Mr Parker.

For a copy of the industry’s Energy Drinks – An Industry Commitment go to:

For more information contact:

Geoff Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Beverages Council, M: 0407 646 195

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