Industry Representation

A priority of the Australian Beverages Council is to be proactive and influential in representing and advocating for the unique needs and higher level positions of the beverages industry and the products within the industry. In doing this, we provide a significant presence in the discussion of numerous issues including advertising regulations, dietary choice, the environment, health and nutrition information, water resources, ingredients, and taxation, to name just a few.

The industry’s position will always embrace the ethos of evidence-based science with regards to a broad range of issues that affect the beverages industry. Along with continued representation, the Australian Beverages Council remains the authoritative leader on industry issues, and speaks strongly on behalf of non-alcoholic beverages to uphold these interests.

The Australian Beverages Council also recognises its responsibility to provide extensive communication to Governments, community groups, the media, and consumers with respect to the industry’s views on regulatory matters, legislation, and public policy, dietary guidelines, health claims, and front-of-pack labelling are just a few examples of specifics that are proactively addressed to these audiences within these fields.

Industry Service

The Australian Beverages Council provides a suite of relevant member services that helps aid in informing members on present issues, offers technical and regulatory support, and provides opportunities for further professional development across major operational areas of members’ businesses. These services are designed to be relevant and beneficial to a broad member base, regardless of each member’s respective company size, resources or reach.

Members are provided with regular industry briefings through newsletters and “Fact Sheets“, which help distil important industry issues as well as legislative and scientific findings into a more concise informative format. Members also have access to a TechInfo inquiry line where they can receive needed assistance with technical and production issues.

When requiring broader education about a topic members can consult a number of resources including:

  • statistic and research reports
  • media monitoring access
  • manuals and publications
  • presentations

Every resource is made available to any member to help educate themselves, as well as their staff. The Australian Beverages Council also joins forces with industry leaders, experts, and educators, to host events through the ausdrinks series designed to increase awareness and skill among attendees.