3 September 2013


The Australian Beverages Council welcomes the publication of the Australian and New Zealand Caffeine Policy Guideline Consultation paper that was released today.

The Council is currently reviewing the Paper from the perspective of its members, with a view to work with government and regulatory stakeholders during the consultation period.

Australian Beverages Council CEO, Geoff Parker commented that “Caffeine is a commonly used ingredient in a number of food and beverage products – tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, energy drinks, and iced coffee. It has been safely consumed for centuries and a soon to be released Galaxy Poll of over 1,100 Australians aged 15-49 confirmed for us what we all already expected – that coffee is the major source of caffeine for Australians, contributing over 50% of our weekly intake. We all know from our own experience that there has been a meteoric rise in the Australian café culture and in-home coffee machines over the past 10 years or so.

“The remaining share of caffeine intake, is drawn from a variety of sources including cola at 18%, tea at 16%, and energy drinks at 5%, but there’s no one single contributor that’s as large as coffee.

“When it comes to comparing the caffeine content of everyday products, coffee contains the most amount with anywhere up to 250mg in a serve. A cup of instant coffee contains around the same amount of caffeine as an energy drink at 80mg for a 250mL cup and a regular 375ml can of cola sits at around 49mg” Mr Parker concluded.

MR – Australian Beverages Council responds to release of Government options paper on review of caffeine in food

For more information:

Geoff Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Beverages Council

E: geoff.parker@australianbeverages.org

P: 0407 646 195

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