25 July 2013


Tweed Council’s bottled water ban = expanding waistlines

The Australasian Bottled Water Institute, representing the nation’s water bottlers, has expressed disappointment at the Tweed Council’s recent decision to remove bottled water from vending machines in Council offices.

“As a nation ranked fourth in OECD countries for obesity, we should be encouraging people to drink more water from whatever source – bottle, bubbler or tap” said the Institute’s CEO, Mr Geoff Parker.

“To ban bottled water from vending machines defies logic. The argument by a Council representative that the Tweed region has great quality tap water and therefore they don’t need it in vending machines shows a misunderstanding by the Council of consumer behaviour and the impact of obesity and chronic disease.

“The Council is denying employees and visitors to Council offices choice. Whilst some countries might restrict choice and remove products from sale, Australia isn’t one of them. What’s next for people in the Tweed?” Mr Parker was quoted as saying.

“Bottled water, which comes in a package that is 100% recyclable, doesn’t compete with tap water but with all other bottled beverages it shares shelf space with, be that in the supermarket, local store or vending machine. To remove bottled water from Council vending machines and force people to other options with more kilojoules, in today’s society with 60% of adults and one in four kids as either overweight or obese, is shameful.  The Council needs to shoulder part of the blame for the expanding waistlines in the future and should be doing more to encourage healthy beverage consumption, not less” Mr Parker said.

MR – Tweed Council’s bottled water vending ban expanding waistlines

Geoff Parker, CEO – Australasian Bottled Water Institute  –  0407 646 195 


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